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Hi Chris, this should catch us up a little!

I figured this would be better than emailing all of this to you.

Please give it somet ime to load, there's quite a few pix.


Up North at our property .... 

Nicole and Eddie, 2 years ago, at our property
right after we bought it.

The main access road to get to our property. Now it's paved.
Our property has a small road, turn-off on the left side. 2003


Tom and Eddie, celebrating his birthday up north last year --
at a demolition derby!


Our firepit and the view across the pond. 2004
Yey! we'll be there soon!


This is a view of our shoreline, across the pond.
You can see me and Eddie and Nicole if you look hard.

Eddie last year.


Nic and Ed on our property right after we bought it.


 Now, the Homefront....

Grady "sixtoes" Czajkjowski
(I really need to get a better pic of his feet - they're freaky!)


Tom's baby: 1966 Chevelle.


Nicki - 2003 Halloween


Eddie - 2003 Halloween. He refuses to dress up.
Says it's dumb. He won't even do it for candy (trick or treat).
Too worried about his 'cool' image.


Bruin at about 3 months.
We really need to get some more pix of him!


Me and Tom 2 years ago.


Tom grilling out on the deck. 2003


View off our deck at our house in Beaver Dam.
(If you look right)


Beaver Dam river, at the bottom of our yard.


View off our deck, looking straight.
River is at the back of the yard where the line of trees is.
That rope swing has seen a lot of action!


Our yard, leading up to the river.


View of our house (white, on the right) and deck, from down by the river.


Nicole going to homecoming dance with her class.


Beaver Dam river again, bottom of our yard, looking into neighbor's yard.