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Arrow Gift Shop

201 East Wall Street,
Eagle River, Wisconsin 54521
Come visit us on the corner of Wall Street and Main in
Downtown Eagle River, Wisconsin.

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Minnetonka Moccasins - Arrow Gift Shop has been your Minnetonka Moccasin headquarters for over 40 years. We have a huge selection of Minnetonka Sandals, Minnetonka Boots, and Minnetonka Slippers as well as a great selection of Gifts and Games.. Order your Minnetonka Moccasins Today.  We also now have a huge selection of Jody Coyote Earrings which are stylish and unique.


John and Katie Welcome You To The Arrow Gift Shop -- Carrying On Our Locally Owned And Operated Tradition Of Excellence.

Let us help you find a pair of men's, women's, children's, or infant's moccasins. We can also help you find that perfect pair of sheepskin Teepee Creeper Slippers. The warm cozy slippers make perfect gifts. Don't buy another pair of uncomfortable womens shoes, buy some comfy moosehide, deerskin, or suede leather moccasins.

We sell more womens shoes than any other product because the Minnetonka line stays up to date with women's fashion. Our womens shoes have been featured in Cosmopolitan, Fitness, Elle, Glamour, and People. Moccasins are in! Our Thunderbird moccasin is still our most popular Women's Shoe but Fashion boots and pugs are a big hit this year. On November 17th, the Today Show on NBC said "Minnetonka Moccasins are this years hottest Christmas Gift." Some of our favorite items in our women's shoe line are our clogs, discount Sandals, and Mules!!!.

After you ladies have picked out some fashionable Womens shoes, stop at our Mens moccasin page and pick out that significant other a pair of comfy slippers and a stylish hat. Be it Mens shoes or Womens shoes, Minnetonka Moccasins are stylish, comfortable, and virtually indestructable.

Our gift shop also has an extensive line of Native American Gifts and Toys. We purchase many of our gifts and toys from the Cherokee Nation. We also have toy guns which make excellent Christmas Gifts for the little cowboy or cowgirl. By that little brave a complete Bow and Arrow Set with a head dress and drum.

We'd like to take this opportunity to express our interest in a wonderful website where family and friends can get or share support in times of great stress or medical illness.  CaringBridge brings together a global community of care powered by the love of family and friends in an easy, accessible and private way.



The History of Arrow Gift Shop

We learned much information from reading the abstract of this old building. The succession of owners was extremely interesting. If these walls could speak...

Arrow Gift Shop, as it now stands used to be listed as two stores. The land was first purchased in 1869 from the US government. However, the deeds to any buildings did not appear in the abstract until 1918 when Mae B. Morey, widow of Wendell D. Neville, sold the corner building, which we now call "The Big Store", to Gus W and Bertha Rantz. The little store (The Moccasin Area) was sold to C.H. Bowler.

According to old timers, Rantz's Grocery store had the best selection of penny candy. His cash register was a carpenters apron. It pockets servead to keep the change separated. Gus and Bertha, like many of the owners, lived in the back of the store.

The upstairs and back of the store has served many purposes besides living quarters through the years. One of the little back rooms facing Main Street was supposedly the first Eagle River Library. Rumor has it that the Upstairs was a dance hall duringa the Roaring 20's. Who knows who may have visited there as Dillinger and Capone were known to have hideouts in the area. The Upstairs was converted into two apartments after 1940. The back rooms currently hold stock, but the upstairs is still rented out as apartments. In 1937, Rantz sold the store to Fern Scott who operated the store as a grocery store. In 1951, Scott sold the corner store to Bernard and Irene Klimas, who also operated the store as a grocery store.

We have been told that from 1903 to 1946 Bowler's little store housed many different enterprises from a clinic, liquor store, drug store etc. Bowler sold to C. Olmstead, who then sold to Ted and Carol Kunysz in 1959.

In 1959 Klimas' purchased the small store. They rented the buildings to Vic Cerra until Harold and Edith Fischer purchased both buildings in October of 1961. Fischers operated the Arrow Gift Shop, named so because their biggest supplier was Arrow Mfg. Co. The small shop was used for moccasin storage.

The two stores became one after June of 1977 when they were purchased by Jim and Mary Ann McNeil. Their son-in-law and daughter, John and Katie Hayes bought the business in September of 2001. Arrow Gift Shop has remained locally owned and operated for over 40 years. John and Katie are proud to carry on the tradition of serving visitors and shoppers year round. Many of the items sold in our store reflect the heritage of this area.

Thank you for choosing our store.

We sell more womens shoes than any other product  because the Minnetonka line stays up to date with  women's fashion.

Our gift shop also has an extensive line of Native American Gifts and Toys. We purchase many of our gifts and toys from
the Cherokee Nation.






For all of you travelers who remember dragging your youngsters in and out of our store in search of the perfect souvenir, here is a look inside so that you may reminisce.