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Our New Find, Spring 2008!

Introducing Rudy
(Rudolf -- named by our daughter)

Another Armitage Herschell Carousel Track Horse
slightly younger than Sally, circa 1905 or so...

What is a track horse carousel?
These were carousels where the horses were fastened on the end of beams
(set up like spokes of a wagon wheel) on a circular platform.
The horses were connected with metal fasteners that pivoted allowing the
horses to rock back and forth as they traveled in a circle.

Rudy resided in New York, made his way to Chicago
(where we purchased him from a really nice guy)
and now he lives with us in Wisconsin.

We plan to restore him. He needs a LOT of work.
He will need his knees almost completely recarved, his ears made (entirely recarved) and much work on his saddle. We just got glass eyes for him. He has much seam separation so Tom is
considering a more complete restoration on this horse,
possibly taking him all apart...we'll see...

We have decided not to restore him. The longer we've had him the more we've enjoyed his 'natural' beauty: his wear, his history. So Rudy will stay as-is, with the exception of a new pair of eyes and a new pair of ears that Tom will carve (we will try to antique them to match his beautiful textures and colors). We'll post pix of him with those updates when we finish them.