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D. James Tindell
Wisconsin Northwoods Author

About the Book

In early 1995, novelist Derek Saunders meets bookstore manager Janine Taylor, and sparks fly. Soon they're thinking about marriage, but then a horrendous assault lands Janine in the hospital, where doctors find she has terminal cancer. She has six months to live.

Determined not to lose the woman he loves, Derek turns to Eternia, a secretive research firm that has developed a cryogenic process to preserve living humans. Janine wants to die in peace, but Derek has her preserved just moments before it's too late.

Derek's wait takes longer than he imagined. Finally, in 2032, Janine is successfully revived, her cancer cured, her body restored to its youthful vigor. Derek is there, but things have changed. He's now the head of a powerful security firm, and he also has a son, Matt, who is virtually the same age as his stepmother-to-be.

As Janine struggles to comprehend what has happened to her, to understand this new world that is comfortingly similar and yet also wildly different, she has to deal with her love for Derek and her emerging feelings for Matt, and a new threat to her life: somebody, or something, is killing the revived Eternals, and Janine is next on the list.

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Look for some of Mr. Tindell's other work ...
throughout the Hayward section of the Caught In Time Northwoods Vacationland Album. There are several articles that he has written about the Hayward Lakes area posted there.

Start with this first one, then go through the rest of the Hayward album to find the others!


About the Author

Dave Tindell wrote short stories as a youngster in southwest Wisconsin, and won awards for them while studying broadcasting at UW-Platteville. The writing waned as his radio career waxed, but a few years ago he took up the pen again at the urging of his wife, Sue. The result was his first novel, Revived, published in 2000. It's a story of a romance that begins in the mid-1990s and nearly ends when the heroine develops terminal cancer. Her fiancé has her frozen, and then revived in 2032, and she struggles to adjust to her new world, which includes more than the expected challenges: her senior-citizen lover, his war-hero son and her own grown daughter and grand-daughter, not to mention the killer who is stalking her and the other revived Eternals.

"The idea came to me in a dream," Tindell says. "I'm always intrigued by the thought of, 'What if'" Tindell's second novel, Heart of the Game, about a high school basketball coach and his son and star player, is being shopped to publishers by his agent. His work in progress is The White Vixen, a spy novel set during the Falkland Islands War. Tindell is wrapping up his second year as president of the Northworders.

This biographical excerpt from
The Northworders
D. James Tindell

(originally published in Trail Blazer Magazine, 2003)

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