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Elizabeth Haling
Wisconsin Northwoods Author
A Look At Life
Observations of Nature and People Through Poetry



E X C E R P T :

The Hollow Stump

Oh what stories that old tree could have told
About summer's heat and winters' cold
About eagles whose nests gently swayed
In branches where squirrels scampered and played

It felt the rubbing antlers of deer
And watched as bear roamed near
It shaded mushrooms and Princess Pine
And withstood the ravages of Father Time

Until a lightning strike or maybe two
Sent splintering fingers all the way through
Its entire trunk exposing the core
To rain and snow and ice and more
Damaging elements that nature provides
To make sure the forest itself will survive

Its leaves for years have nourished the earth
Its seeds lay dormant awaiting rebirth
The stately tree is gone, a martyr to the greater cause
And all that is left is a hollow stump at which I pause


About the Book

In "A Look at Life" Elizabeth shares her reflections of nature and people.

In "Cabin Musings" Elizabeth introduces the reader to the special spot on Moose Lake near Hayward, Wisconsin where her family has vacationed for over 60 years. Her observations and love of nature are reflected in "Seasons."In "Start Living Again," she brings her understanding and compassion to those who may be struggling to get on with their lives after experiencing shattered dreams.

In "On the Lighter Side" and "Visions" a variety of topics from serious social comments to trimming toenails are addressed.

About the Author

Elizabeth Haling was born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in Dubuque, Iowa. She graduated from The University of Dubuque in 1947 with a major in Psychology and a minor in Sociology.

After marrying and raising three children, she entered the teaching profession in Hinsdale, Illinois and began graduate work in the field of Early Childhood Special Education.In 1977 she married Russell Haling and moved to Hayward, Wisconsin where they have been active in the community for the past 25 years.

Among her many interests are memberships in the Women's Fellowship of the Spider Lake Church, the P.E.O. and Lioness organizations, and the Northworders Writing Group. Her hobbies include golf, bridge, painting, knitting, and fishing.

A few words from the author ...

What motivates me to write the way I do?...I don't know if I can put my finger on it. Being raised in the Depression, teen years during WW11, starting graduate school and a career of teaching at the age of 40 all must have had something to do with it..How else does one cope except by being positive, sensitive, insightful, and looking for a bit of humor as life goes on.

Why do I like living "Up North"?...I love the changing seasons. They present so many new beginnings, and add a certain rhythm to the years as they pass. The mid-west atmosphere and culture is so basic, and I have never lived where there are as many community oriented , caring, volunteering people as there are in Hayward.

Why is the book broken down into sections?...I had decided that, at my advanced age (77) I had better go through the folder in which I had been putting my writings for the past 35 or 40 years, and make three copies of everything so I could leave one to each of my children. As I re-read everything I categorized the contents. My husband encouraged me to share my writing with more than my children, as he was sure other people would be able to relate to and enjoy many of the things I had written. After submitting some poems which were accepted and printed in various publications (Trailblazer, Wisconsin Poets' Calendar, The Discerning Poet,among others) I decided maybe he was right; so contacted Rev. Heins about self-publishing.



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Please send payment to the author:

Elizabeth Haling
517 Main, P.O. Box 493
Hayward, WI 54843

Call: 715-634-8516 or email:

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