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Chapter 1

We go to Wisconsin every year. I think one of my favorite memories was when we met our new found friends at the resort we stay at. We all decided to go to the Leinenkugel brewery and take a tour. It was alot of fun. We then went back to the resort and had a cookout and shared some Leinies. We made a longlasting friendship and now go to the same resort with them every year. ----- Ralph and Robin Curtis, Hobart Indiana

One of my fondest memories of Wisconsin is the first year we took our grandson Logan with us He was then 6 years old and had never been on vacation before. We go to Spooner every year for fishing and fun. Logan had never been fishing before either. As soon as we pulled up to the resort, he jumped out yelling, hurry get my new pole. My husband and I figured we better let him try to fish and unpack later. Logan was so excited as he made his first cast right off the dock. In less than a minute he and grandpa reeled in a large bluegill. Luckily I had my camera and caught the excitement on his face with his very first fish. We knew right then it was to be our best week in Wisconsin ever!!! We had his fish mounted for a surprise for his 7th birthday. Thank you Wisconsin and thank you Northwoods Restaurant for giving us the feel of Being in Wisconsin. --- Ralph and Robin Curtis, Hobart Indiana

My grandmother is 94 years young and still lives and enjoys the bluffs by Galesville and still makes fish soup stew which the fish are fresh from the Mississippi River.On my mother's side my grandfathers,grandfather was born on the Indian reservation and lot of family still live in Onalaska and surrounding areas,they are Ojibwa.I have been visiting up north for many years and fished with my wife and children and now grandchildren and have many old pictures and wonderful stories to pass on.I am GLAD to see a little of the Northwoods closer to my home, it reminds me of the hot fish shop we would eat at and my uncle designed the walleye batter pike and turtle soup, which was my favorite. Ronald Grover, Oak Lawn, Il.

My name is Jessica, and I'm writing more to share than to try to win. I don't know who will be reading this, but maybe it will be the right people, will know what I'm writing about. My grandmother is Judy Hillgard, and through her I have been visiting the Northwoods my entire life. I think it is amazing how beautiful our site there is, and that I am lucky enough to know of this place. I think it's great that through your business you're able to share the northwoods experience with the public. I can't wait to see the restaraunt in person, I've heard nothing but great things about it. I wish luck to you with your business. Sincerely, Jessica

Back in the late 1950's, our family would drive what seemed like forever to my great uncle's cabin in Mellon Wisconsin for a week of fishing and relaxing. I have many fond and or funny memories of the time spent up at that cabin, deep in the woods on English Lake. Everything from 'batting' at the bats late at night, to the skunks fighting over discarded fish heads under the front porch to waking up to the inviting smell of fresh bacon frying early in the morning. I would love to revisit those days, but for now, they will remain my most treasured memories. ------------Paulette M. Paquette, ----- Lansing, Illinois

Myself and my family have been to all of your locations except for the Indiana one. We visited your Frankfort restaurant this evening and the food and service where great. Erica was our server and she was wonderful! My family has been vacationing in the North woods of Wisconsin for many, many years. My Grandpa worked in the CCC camps when he was a teenager and vowed that one day he would own property in the north someday. In 1980 my Grandparents who have passed on now bought property in a small town outside of Eagle River called Star Lake. They built a beautiful log cabin and we still have the cabin and enjoy every minute we can spend up there. Your food really makes us feel like we are up in the woods it is so hearty and tastes like my Grandma made it herself. I wish that my Grandparents were here today so that they could enjoy the atmosphere and delicious food without having to make the long drive, but they are at rest where they loved it best at the Star Lake Cemetery. So thank you so much for making the North woods closer to us. Beth Maro-Hennessy------------Richton Park, IL

My husband introduced me to the Northwoods 13 years ago....when he took me snowmobiling in Minoqua. I absolutely love the tall pine trees, the friendly atmosphere and the site of deer everywhere. Every winter since then, we are up there snowmobiling and I NEVER want to come home. We have made it our family summer vacation spot and just this past October, we bought 2 acres in Presque Isle. As soon as my husband can retire, we will be moving up to the great Northwoods.....and believe me, I can't wait!!!! Jackie - Dyer