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Chapter 1

We visited Northwoods Saloon in Homewood for the first time this week, and I was delighted to see a menu of foods that brought me back to my childhood, such as the Chicken Fried Steak that I really enjoyed. While I was raised in central Illinois, most of the foods on your menu were staples of my Mom's cooking. Re memories of northern WI, my favorite is visiting Bayfield and the Apostle Islands. We found beautiful countryside and Lake Superior, and wonderfully friendly folks. We would go back more often if it were just a bit closer! We've lived in the south suburbs (Park Forest, now Olympia Fields) for 35+ years, and escape the mobs of folks in the metro area by going to Wisconsin as often as we can -- gorgeous state! Mary Lubertozzi

Hi, My first Wisconsin experience was in Lampson approximately 60 years ago, where my Uncle had a little resort. I can remember the taste of the freshly caught fish, and the fish fry . It was truly a feast to savor and now I always order the Walleye at Northwoods in Schererville, IN. It brings back the memories as a child. Loretta Plesha, Hammond, In.

The thrill of turning 16, just receiving my drivers license, and actually getting to drive my father and uncle up to Hayward Wisconsin to spend a week fishing. We spent the first day at a little lake fishing for bluegill. That was the first time I caught a fish without having to use bait. We caught our limit in the first 1/2 hour. They were the best tasting fish I had. (Until the had the walleye at NorthWoods). Every time I step foot in your establishment, reminds me of the week I spent in Hayward. Thanks------Mike Plesha , Oak Forest Ill

My first trip up to the "Northwoods" was when I was only 6 months old. My parents told me they would put the playpen in the middle of the boat and I would sleep for hours while they both fished on Big Arbor Vitea-we stayed at "Buckhorn Lodge". Throughout the years we stayed at "Perks Resort" on Little St. Germain and various other resorts on different lakes. We eventually found our way back to Big Arbor Vitea campground for many years and to this day my family spend fathers day week on Big Arbor Vitea at Ladwigs Pine Arbor Resort. How great it is to sit on the porch of the cabin overlooking the lake and listen to the call of the loon, smelling the fresh pine, watching the ducks and their little ones make their way around the lake, watching the daily catches brought in by the fishermen, looking up into the clear sky at night and seeing thousands of stars and waking up each morning when the first motor starts to begin a day of fishing. This year will be my 45th year going to the northwoods and all of us still enjoy listening to the stories my dad tells about the times he spent with his father in the northwoods. Our mom passed in 2000 and her request was to have her ashes scattered around the Lake because she loved the area so much. Everybody should experience the northwoods for a week to get the real meaning of "Up North"-------- Nancy D., Kankakee, IL

I still remember the first time we went to Northwoods. A neighbor suggested this new place on Steger Road for the "Full Moon Club" to have its monthly meeting. The place was packed (a good sign) and we had to wait a least an hour to be seated. I kept thinking that the food better be really good. I ordered the 'Eagle River Roast" and was blown away just by the portion provided. Then I tasted the most delicious pot roast I've ever eaten. It was definately worth the substantial wait and still is today, although the time required to wait to quench my appetite has been greatly reduced by a much needed if not timely addition to the restaurant. My compliments to the chef! ------- Gary M. Cummens, Park Forrest, IL

As a young child, my eyes would light up when my parents said we were going to "the country"' because this meant staying with Aunt Hazel and Uncle Bill in their big, ramshackled house on a Wisconsin lake. Retired, Uncle Bill had many projects in various stages of completion in the house and yard. One of these was an old-fashioned wringer washing machine which was being worked on in the back yard. For my special treat on one tripp, Uncle Bill got out the rowboat and said he would take me fishing in the channel near the mouth of the lake. I was excited at the prospect of catching sunfish and bluegill, but didn't want to see the fish die. Uncle Bill had a solution. He filled up the old washing machine with water, we caught the fish, and for the rest of the trip, I got to feed the fish we caught in the backyard "aquarium." Diane Evans

At the end of one of my families many vacations up north my brother decided once that it would be a good idea to say goobye to a friend by painting her name on the Three Lakes water tower. Myself and the rest of the family (I was maybe9/10) are at Winterburns resort. My Grandma lived in town, after the risky task was done the friend said "I don't want my name up there" so with a gallon of gas and alot of heart he rescaled the tower in a attempt to erase the name which amounted to just smearing things that remained for years.---Tom M.

Just wanted to share this picture, one of my favorites. (Picture posted at: http://www.caughtintime.com/test/index.php ---- in the Northwoods Hearty Home Cookin' section). Taking a last look at the lake (Pickerel Lake off of Highway G near Eagle River) the W. Duensing family and J. Kurth family before heading back home. Thanks and we enjoy the food at Northwoods. -------- Carolyn Duensing, New Lenox, IL