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My memory of Beaver Dam is not very old, but is something I will always consider fond.

I lived as a child on the far southeast side of Chicago (which at that time was a quiet and safe neighborhood). As young adults my wife and I moved to Northwest Indiana. The people in both of these communities were not bad people, and in fact we had (and have) many relatives and friends there. But it seemed to me then that most strangers were colder and more distant (my guess is because of all of the horrible news stories every evening on television). No eye contact and no comments spoken would somehow equal no confrontations. Although understandable it still isn't pleasant or comfortable.

In 1999 we moved to Beaver Dam with our two children and I immediately witnessed and felt a much more relaxed and friendly tone about the community. Everyone was not on guard and in self preservation mode. People smile, people talk to you. They don't act as if you'll strike against them and that's the way it really should be. The children are taught to follow the "pillars of society" in school - that's fantastic. This will be a real good place for them to grow-up. People who live here may not think about it too much, but from my outside opinion, this is a wonderful community. Thank you for letting us share it with you!    - Tom, Beaver Dam


Beaver Dam Lake
A view of the river, just below the dam

Beaver Dam Lake - 1908
A view of the river, just below the dam

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